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Macro is a tool that has been present in World of Warcraft since its inception. The base concept of a macro is to perform more than one action at a time, in order to easier accomplish a task or really for any reason. All macro commands start with a forward slash ( / ) to separate them from normal text actions Much of this article was written by Cogwheel (WoWInterface user Cogwheel). This is an article on making a macro. A macro is a list of slash commands. Common slash commands include the following: /say (/s) /whisper (/w, /talk, /t) /reply (/r) /emote (/e, /em, /me) /dance With macros, these commands can be used from action buttons, and many of them can be used at once. Each unique command goes. By default, WoW uses the first spell or item that appears in a macro to show cooldown, range, and availability feedback on the button, and to pick which icon to display when you use the question mark icon. Take our multi-spell macro from earlier as an example A World of Warcraft community for exchanging macros. They call us lazy, we call it smart This article describes all of the macro commands (or slash commands) recognized by World of Warcraft (without addons). To use a slash command, enter its name preceded by a slash, and followed by any parameters the command takes into the chat box (for example, /say Hello Azeroth!). The command names are not case sensitive, and you may combine multiple commands in a macro by putting each command.

1 Reference 2 Summary 3 Commands for Lua 4 Commands from Lua 5 See also This is a developer orientedtechnical reference for 'Slash commands' and 'Macros'. See Slash commands for the list of commands usable from the WoWchat window and in WoW macros. Slash commands - list of default 'slash' commands Making a macro tutorial list and/or links to explaination/example of commands that take lua. The items listed in this macro are not very relevant to the current retail version of WoW, but you can easily switch these item #s to whatever. To change out the items, or to add additional items, just find the item's ID by searching for it on WoWHead , then add it to the macro Players who are interested in the macro commands in the game but do not understand, combine the search and auto-generated functions, and return a list of commands to the player for selection. 手动组合(create by hand) 2. 提供给熟悉游戏的玩家,通过工具,手动组合出自己所需的命令 Covenant Ability Macro Mod: Signature Ability Default: Covenant Ability Note: You'll need to replace the generic spells with the specific spells once you select your final Covenant because Blizzard decided to disable the substitutions at that point. #showtooltip /cast [mod,@mouseover,exists,nodead] [mod,@cursor,combat] [mod] Signature Ability; [@mouseover,exists,nodead] [@cursor,combat.

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  1. Macro Toolkit is currently localised for all WoW game client locales. If you would like to contribute to translating Macro Toolkit, please use the following link: Help with translation into other languages; Please note that the quest names and NPC names are not included in the locale and will still appear in English. Acknowledgement
  2. macro (WoW) Macro: A macro is a small script that is used to combine several actions in a single button, with the potential for a (limited) amount of intelligent choice without player input. Contents [ hide
  3. With this macro you don't target switch at all so you can keep your current target. Hope it helps. 11 Likes. Salako-argent-dawn February 27, 2019, 8:31pm #5. It worked perfectly thank you. 3 Likes. system (system) closed March 29, 2019, 8:31pm #6. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply..
  4. Par défaut, WoW utilise le premier sort ou élément qui apparaît dans une macro pour afficher le temps de recharge, l'intervalle et la disponibilité sur le bouton, et pour choisir l'icône à afficher lorsque vous utilisez le point d'interrogation

To open the in-game Macro interface, type /macro or /m. Choose between the General and Character-specific macro tabs. Then click the New button on the macro window. Choose a Name and an Icon so you can easily recognize your macro, then click Okay. Select your new macro and use the text editor below to tell it what to do This addon lets you write macros up to 1023 characters long, and still have their icons update normally when you drag them to the action bar. If you're running low on macro slots, it also lets you write character-specific Long Macros, and have them take up an account-wide blizzard macro slot instead, or vice-versa Get great Wow paladin macros that work every time. Each macro is tested in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar for Mists of Pandaria! Protectors of all that is holy - Pallies excel at everything in Wow. Regarded as one of the most popular and strongest classes, Paladings excel at healing, tanking and melee damage

This is my simple guide on how to create and use macros in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. If you are currently working on your interface, you want to.. Type /macro into the chat to get the macro screen up and select the Character Specific Macro tab Next, you wanna click New and you can either just press space bar, or alternatively type in the keybound button you use for the first skill you wish to sort out for levelling and then Okay (keep it as the ? icon The macro above will cast Curse of Pain with the first press and Corruption with the second press. After 2 seconds from the first press, the macro will reset, so it will cast Curse of Pain again. Macro modifiers Key modifiers. Modifiers can also help with binding multiple abilities to one button in a macro

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  1. Home / WoW Classic / Addons & Macros / Hunter Macro. Classic Guide to Hunters' Best Macros. Last updated on Jan 20, 2020 at 07:08 by Impakt 3 comments. Welcome to our Macros guide for Hunters where you will find out what the best macros are for your Hunter in WoW Classic. Classic Macros Guides
  2. A selection of useful Wow rogue macros. Tricks of the Trade macro. #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade /cast [@focus,help] Tricks of the Trade Cast Tricks of the Trade on your focus target. (Set main tank as your focus target) Shadowstrike-Shadow Dance macro
  3. WoW Pet Macros Summon a Random Pet. The most sought after macro for pet collectors is one that will summon a random companion from your collection with a single click. The code below does exactly that
  4. One of the most exciting aspects of Classic WoW is that we're actually going to be able to use the modern-day macro code as opposed to the old-school script style macros of yesterday. So, below you're going to find a few of the addons that I believe are going to make a major difference to every Warrior's gameplay
  5. Dale a Mostrar más para ver la descripción. Curso de macros WoW#1 Macro básica. Las macros en el wow son una secuencias de órdenes que se ejecutan a la vez..
  6. Just make a normal macro for it and test it as I think removing these from the main macro might cause it to drop DPS but hey you never know!! give it a try 1 Like Warcannibal_1221 June 25, 2019, 1:03a

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- Put the Macro on a hotkey an spam spam spam the Trade Chanel WARNING : You can only link 3-4 Items in one Macro, so if you want to use more items, you will have to create a new macro, just test it out in /s or in a private Channe The macro i'm showing is just for druids lvl 75 tier, but i hope you get the point! You can ofc just replace the spell for any class and any lvl/tier. It simply contains all three talent, from the same tier, in one macro. The macro will also give you the right cooldown and tooltips for the spell I know its somewhat petty, but I find it really annoying that the / macro condition doesn't work in BfA despite flying mounts not being allowed yet. I was wondering if anyone knew of a /script command that could cover that a bit better so that when I'm in one of the BfA zones, it'll use my ground mount instead of a flying one. I know it's possible, I'm just not savvy enough to figure it out on. this is the macro I use. I have no idea if you could add SOD into it. #showtooltip backstab /use [nostance]backstab;[bonusbar:1]Shadowstrike;[stance:2]Shadowstrik This macro allows you to dispel curses and also dispel mind control with one bind. For example, if your team mate is in a hex and you use this macro on them, you will dispel the hex and if your team mate is in a mind control, you will dispel the mind control by automatically casting a purge on them, all with this one macro

This page describes features in ISBoxer that apply to World of Warcraft macros. If you have no idea how to make a World of Warcraft macro, or what goes in one, wowpedia's HOWTO: Make a Macro might be a good place to start. World of Warcraft supports a fairly comprehensive macroing system in the game, and additionally allows creation of Addons to customize the WoW client in various ways World of Warcraft. General WoW Discussion; WoW Classic; Macros and Addons; Multiboxing Group Composition Discussion; Dungeon Boss Encounters, Strategies, and Loot Lists. WoW Classic (1-60) WoW The Burning Crusade (57-70) WoW Wrath of the Lich King (67-80) WoW Cataclysm (77-85) WoW Mists of Pandaria (85-90) PvP Discussion; Games. Other Games. Macro Basics. The macro editing window can be brought up by typing /m in the chat window. There you can write, edit, and store macros either for your entire account (if the macro is useful for multiple characters) or for just the current character (if you have a class-specific macro, for example). Create a new macro by clicking New This Macro command list describes all of the macro commands (or slash commands) recognized in World of Warcraft. All command names are in lower case, although WoW is not case sensitive for typing commands. Key? - command has not been tested or fully confirmed, or requires further clarification. REMOVED - Removed completely from WoW, information is retained here for historical reference This macro will cast Searing Totem followed by Mana Spring Totem, Grounding Totem and Strength of Earth Totem. /castsequence reset=6 Searing Totem, Mana Spring Totem, Grounding Totem, Strength of Earth Totem. All-in-One Shields. This macro will cast Water Shields or Lightning Shields when used in conjunction with the alt key

4. Create an in game WoW macro with the following lines. /target name of character you wish to heal /follow for example, mine would be (if my character name was mpsguru) /target mpsguru /follow After you've created this macro, put it in your hotbar slot 4. You'll also need to have your preferred heal spell in slot 3 for this macro 1 New macro format request 1.1 Re-creating old macros 1.2 Example macro 2 Patch 3.1 Discipline macros 2.1 Divine Hymn 2.2 Pain Suppression 2.3 Pain Suppression 2.4 Pain Suppression 2.5 Power Infusion 2.6 Disc priest main heal 2.7 Disc priest main prevention 2.8 Disc priest One-Two Punch 2.9 Disc priest PvP healing 3 Patch 3.1 Holy macros 3.1 Guardian Spirit 4 Patch 4.0.6 Holy Macros 4.1 Chakra.

execute macro wow classic provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, execute macro wow classic will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas. This macro will start the auto-attack, cast Sinister Strike five times to generate 5 combo points, then cast Cold Blood, and finally cast Eviscerate. This will NOT check for a cooldown on Cold Blood, therefore I recommend using the ¡° ¡± macro icon and #show Cold Blood so you can monitor your Cold Blood cooldown

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Like the previous macro, this will swap your gear when you click the button; in addition, though, it uses the macro from the last tip to swap your spec. Do note, however, that if you have gear you can only equip because of talents (e.g. dual-weilding two-handed weapons thanks to Titan's Grip), you might run into problems and could be better. Hello, This guide focuses on Advanced Class Specific Macros. *This Guide is for the simplified basic users, who may not know the capability of their class in classic WoW and focuses on turning you into a Rank14 Grand Marshal/High Warlord from a Basic level 10 Boar Slaying Tauren. After placing the macro you can reference it in other macros with the following However, unlike castsequence, it uses macro text for the commands instead of spells, and it advances every time the button is pushed instead of stopping when it can't cast something. This means if a spell is on cooldown and you push the button it will continue to the next item in the list with each press until it reaches the end and starts over

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Wow Vengeance demon Hunter infernal strike macro. #showtooltip infernal strike /cast [mod:shift,@player] Infernal Strike Hold shift for infernal strike at your position . Wow Vengeance demon Hunter Torment macro. #showtooltip Torment /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Torment Cast Torment on your mouseover target. Legion Demon Hunter Imprison macro to mark a target with a skull, add this to a macro. change the 8 to other numbers if you want different icons /script SetRaidTarget(target, 8) The macro can perform only one of the listed actions when run, so it may need to be run twice in some cases: once to change stances, and again to cast the spell. Continue

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This macro is important because whenever you shadowmeld, you lose your raid marker. Having a raid marker up is what allows your partners to easily see where you are, even through pillars and so it's of the utmost importance that you're always marked This Macro will start Auto Shot, send your pet to attack the target and cast Hunter's Mark, all with one press of the button. It is one of the most useful macros I know. It also makes sure that Auto Shot stays active, even if you press it multiple times. If you just want a spammable Auto Shot macro, here it is Download Mini Mouse Macro for free. Light weight mouse and keyboard macro recording machine. Mini Mouse Macro is a great free mouse and keyboard recording macro. Mini Mouse Macro if different to other mouse macro's out there because it can actively record your mouse movements, clicks and keys

Super Duper Macro also allows you to share macros with your friends in-game. This mod allows you to make two types of macros: Button macros are just like regular macros, but they can be as long as you want This macro will stealth, then switch main and off hand weapons, cast back stab, then switch weapons again all in one macro. Reset the /castsequence by pressing ctrl then clicking the macro. /castsequence reset=ctrl Stealth, Backstab /script PickupInventoryItem(16); PickupInventoryItem(17) MAIN-HAND SWAP -> DAGGER <=> SWOR World of Warcraft Path of Classic is a Classic Server operating on the Cataclysm Game Engine Patch 4.3.4 We explore the Classic+ Adventure to the fullest. Providing you with a Classic Server with brand new spells and abilities, graphics that cannot be competed against, Hundreds of Mounts / Pets from all of the Expansions, Retails very own. What exactly is a Macro in World of Warcraft Classic? A macro is a specific in-game command that's inserted into the chatbox and it always starts with a forward slash (/). The forward slash is necessary because this is what separates macros from just typing a regular piece of text in the chatbox [WoW] Herb gathering, camera/view macro; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

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First, how is made a macro? 1) Ingame, type /macro or /m to open up the macro menu. Now you have 2 macro tabs. General and YourCharacterName macro. You can have up to 36 general macros that are shared between all your characters on the server and up to 18 macros only for your character This tip is from the Instance 133, at time index 1:44:42 This is probably one of the most useful elements of macros. Again, its main function is to manage the sheer volume of abilities and items most high-level characters will have, by hiding things that aren't currently usable. It also allows simple chains of abilitie

O comando reset=x é necessário em uma macro de /castsequence para que o jogo reconheça em que momento ela deixará de usar a sequência da macro e será executada novamente. Caso este comando não exista na macro, o jogador usará Maldição dos Elementos todas as vezes que pressioná-la, e a macro não funcionará de acordo Mar 02, 2019 It has to be from a macro or directly activated from the bags, inventory location, or action button. Elvenbane-veknilash (Elvenbane) 2019-02-14 22:26:16 UTC #5 Assuming the addon has somewhere you can add what buffs you want to track (I don't personally use. /equip trinket 1513 - this will put the trinket that you type the name of into slot 15, which is your first trinket slot. Version 2532 Download 28.56 KB File Size 1 File Count February 7, 2018 Create Date February 7, 2018 Last Updated This addon allows you to create macros beyond the 255-character limit, and even beyond.. Este macro serve para resetar instances do modo normal de forma fácil. Basta todos sairem da instance (pode ser pelo olho) e o líder utilizar a macro. Bom para farmar emblemas triumph em Pit of Saron. /script SetDungeonDifficulty(1) /script SetDungeonDifficulty(2) /script SetDungeonDifficulty(1

Vícejazyčný online slovník. Překlady z češtiny do angličtiny, francouzštiny, němčiny, španělštiny, italštiny, ruštiny, slovenštiny a naopak Private Server Community. Considering community feedback, difficulty of various encounters were adjusted on Lordaeron, in order to scale down difficulty to some degree in especially difficult encounters Encante seus amigos e cative os inimigos com essas asas mágicas iridescentes e estonteantes, inspiradas nos dracos feérios de Azeroth. Por tempo limitado, você ganha esse conjunto de transmogrificação ao adquirir uma assinatura de 6 meses de World of Warcraft This macro is best to put at some place it is easy to reach, due to you will be pressing it every time someone whispers you for rules. (Hotkey 1-3) - RaidWarning Macro: This macro is for when you announce in RaidWarning, group, and raid for who's turn it is to roll, this is for you to easier keep track of who's turn it is. You MUST have this macro

Using my post on macros, World of Warcraft Forums and a number of other random resources and suggestions, I'll be posting useful macros for each class. Because I play a Priest on Illidan, I'll start with that class first :). Crowd Control Macros. Shackle version 1 This macro will cast Shackle Undead if the target is hostile This macro takes care of many tasks It equips all of my fishing gear. It automatically applies a lure when the buff falls off. It casts my fishing pole. Pressing the macro for the first time will equip your fishing gear and apply a lure. After that, the macro will simply cast your fishing line WoW オフィシャルの Macro 画面で登録したものはサーバーサイドに保存される。 日本語を含むマクロ. マクロ入力画面に、そのままでは日本語は入力できない。Macroの枠で使われているフォント FRIZQT__.TTF には日本語がないためだ Wow Classic Macro/Addon to delete cheapest item [closed] Ask Question Asked 1 year, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 4k times 5. Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Arqade.

The World of Warcraft Macro Library stores sets of in-game macros for World of Warcraft.It's found in the Game Helpers section under World of Warcraft. All WoW macros configured through ISBoxer are set up in game by the ISBoxer Addon, generated when you Export to Inner Space.. When World of Warcraft is selected on the first step of the Quick Setup Wizard, it will create a WoW Macro Set called. A Named World of Warcraft Macro Action sends a Key Combination configured in the World of Warcraft Macro Library; the key combo itself is assigned in the game, by a generated WoW Addon, to do a specified macro (World of Warcraft only) Named World of Warcraft Macro Action supports Round-robin via a check box. But alas Posts about wow macro written by Warlord. Warcraft Manaview Impulse keybinding Add-on has a whole bunch of Warcraft Hunter Macros, Macros for Warrior and you can finally break bad habits and learn keybinding Warcraft. Do you know what's holding you back from excelling in Hard mode Raid encounters or dominating in high intensity Arena battles?

The basic WoW macro for saying when you cast is like this: /say I'ma Chargin Mah Fireball /cast Fireball It gets a bit trickier when you dont want it to say that all the time, or want to say a. Smart casting comes to WoW with 7.1's new macro conditionals. By Mitch @MitchFizzl. In addition to all the nifty new content added in patch 7.1, Blizzard also added a few quality-of-life changes. Among those, we have a couple new macro conditionals that bring smart-casting to the game after a decade without them WoW Macro for Instant cast prompt? Is there a way to create a macro for several spells, that when there's a proc for an instant cast, it will switch to that spell, and when the proc is used or expired, it will revert back to the main spell of the macro??

Latest World of Warcraft AddOns for Patch 8.3 WowMatrix saves you hours of time. Before opening World of Warcraft, just fire up WowMatrix and let it update your WoW AddOns quickly and safely. Here are just some of the many WoW AddOns supported by WowMatrix, with more being added daily Removing non-active WoW characters. Kernel 11 months ago. Due to the updated Blizzard API Policy, we have to refresh all the characters no less frequently than every 30 days. At the moment WoWProgress updates members of active raiding guilds several times a month. Characters that are not members of such guilds most probably will be removed from.

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Macro Recorder is not only a mouse recorder, keyboard recorder and player.It is also a very powerful automation software and even an EXE-compiler. All recorded keystrokes and mouse activity can be saved to disk as a macro (script) for later use, bound to a hotkey, extended with custom commands or even compiled to an EXE file (a standalone Windows application) Addons for WoW Classic. Classic - General 483 files. Files: 5,980. Stand-Alone Addons. Action Bar Mods 240 files. Auction House & Vendors 101 files. Carbonite 7 files. Bags, Bank, Inventory 342 files. Buff, Debuff, Spell 325 files. Casting Bars, Cooldowns 127 files. Character Advancement 381 files. Chat Mods 393 files Selecting the '?' Icon in the Macro Editor will force the macro to present the icon of the current spell that spell feedback is being given for. /castsequence Examples. There's a new command in WoW 2.0, called /castsequence. It allows you to set up a series of spells to cast one after another, on each subsequent click of the macro. The.

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To make the Double Middle Finger macro first make one with only../´¯/).. OwnedCore- World of Warcraft Exploits, Hacks, Bots and Guides; like can someone copy and paste a few macros so i can put them on my wow account i have the middle finger but i want the STFU truck and maybe some other. Was about to get suspended so i decided to spam a GM with middle finger macros Like a /castsequence macro, it cycles through a series of commands when the button is pushed. However, unlike castsequence, it uses macro text for the commands instead of spells, and it advances every time the button is pushed instead of stopping when it can't cast something. What's Training? is an addon for World of Warcraft Classic that. I just wanted a way to open it with a macro command. /run Stopwatch_StartCountdown(0, 0, 30); Stopwatch_Play() Stopwatch for 30 secs, apparently this macro commands works, but have not logged in to test it AUTO HOT KEY / WOW writtin by: Vith Here's my own personal AutoHotKey Script that has been shortend a bit so that people can understand the basics of AHK WOW Start up your AutoHotkey( if you dont have the program download it ) classic wow rogue ambush macro provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, classic wow rogue ambush macro will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many.

The games do not offer real money gambling or Wow Macro Hand Slot Number an opportunity to win real money or prizes. The games are intended for Wow Macro Hand Slot Number an adult audience. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gamblin I'm looking for a macro for World of Warcraft that can delete ALL gray item i have in my bags. Anyone have one? Click to expand... Hi, there is an Addon for this. AutoSell2 - Auction & Economy - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse I dont think, youll find a Makro for that. Have Fun ungeziefer, Jun 27, 2013 #2. Cisem Member Bubble Heal Macro Heal with Holy Light while under Divine Shield /castsequence reset=300 Divine Shield, [target=player] Holy Light. Avoidance Macro Here is a great macro that will calculate your avoidance with and without buffs. /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:,0.8,0.8,1

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This macro uses a similar structure to the Auto Shot macro. If you have no target or if your target is far away from you, it'll cast Aspect of the Hawk. If your target is close to you, it'll cast Aspect of the Monkey. Both macros function differently, but to the same end. Take whichever you like, if either Simply log into WoW and type up the following macro:/console groundEffectDensity 256/console groundEffectDist 200/console detailDoodadAlpha 100/console horizonfarclip 2112/console farclip 999.

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How to Install World of Warcraft AddOns in 3 Easy Steps! Before you get started, be sure you have downloaded WowMatrix. Step 1: Open WowMatrix. You'll see a screen that looks similar to this: Step 2: Click the 'Get More AddOns' tab at the top Incidentally, this macro is great for turning in repeatable quests such as rune cloth and Headresses for Timbermaw, as well. If the quest you need to turn in is the second option in a set (after right-clicking on an NPC) then change the number 1 in the macro to a 2 Description: The document you requested has moved to a new location. The new location is https://www.wow.com/tag/hunter-shot-rotation-macro Ross & Baruzzini I Macro is a recognized systems engineering consultancy firm providing planning, design and deployment of operations control centers and advanced public rail, transit and communications systems for use in transportation, public safety and other critical infrastructure sectors

The search engine that helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web the macro I used is still superior to AttackTarget() since your way would deactivate the Attack if you use the macro couple of times, the one I referred to can not deactivate that was what I meant. (eg if you spam a macro it could deactivate the Attack again which is a big downside The Fishing Assistant for World of Warcraft - v.2.05: Price: $24.95 Runs on any PC: The Fishing Assistant for World of Warcraft is a program we wrote for fishing in WoW. Some of the features are tell and say alerts that will play a sound or log you out when triggered, automatic cancelling of group invites and duels, and an automatic clam opener, all designed to keep you fishing as long as.

Hello, I will be starting a Series of guides that will focus on Advanced Class Specific Macros. *This Guide is for the simplified basic users, who may not know the capability of their class in classic WoW and focuses on turning you into a Rank14 Grand Marshal/High Warlord from a Basic level 10 Boar Slaying Dwarf. After placing the macro you can reference it in other macros with the following Smolderforge is 2.4.3 Burning Crusade private server with arena, raids, battlegrounds and more! Fully stable, dedicated servers WoW Addon. Our addon is the best of the best when it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft. Everything related to making gold is made fast and easy by our addon. This includes crafting, buyout, tracking sales, managing inventory, and much more. Learn Mor I updated the macro a bit to let you left, right and middle click the macro for different heals. #showtooltip Spirit Mend /cast [button:3, @focus] Spirit Mend; [button:2, @pet] Spirit Mend; /[@player] Spirit Mend Left click will heal you. Right click will heal spirit beast Middle click will heal your focus Seems to work ok for me wow classic defensive stance taunt macro, Dec 28, 2012 · You can use the [stance:x] or [form:x] Wow macro conditional to make powerful macros using the same button regardless of the stance or form you are in. This is handy for warriors, priests, monks, and druids especially

WoW Lazy Macros. 1.4K likes. Lazy macros for all classes in World of Warcraft Putting guild information in the macro is the priority, while dressing it up is on the back burner. And please don't do an IC intro followed by another chat line with OOC information. It's a waste of chat space and often shoves several lines of chat off the screen. Putting links to WoW forum threads is a bad idea for a macro This area of the site has a list of helpful Mods and Macros that should make playing a Death Knight a little bit more fun. The following has been taken from the Warcraft beta forums and will be updated as the game progresses

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