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Genus Deutzia are deciduous shrubs, often with flaking bark, with simple, opposite leaves and star-shaped or cupped white or pink flowers, sometimes fragrant, in terminal or axillary clusters Details 'Candidissima' is a tall, erect-branched shrub producing large clusters of honey-scented, double white flowers in June and Jul Fuzzy deutzia ( Deutzia scabra) has been cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years and was popular in American gardens in the mid-to-late 1800s. Its clusters of small, white, often doubled flowers have the look of cotton balls covering the branches. This species grows up to 10 feet (3 meters) tall and tolerates shade Zejména z východní Asie přišly do Evropy tyto nádherné, téměř bezúdržbové keře. Trojpuky jsou nenáročné rostliny, které porostou v každé půdě, každému pěstiteli. Toto jim ale neubírá na kráse, naopak umocňuje chuť si některý pořídit One variety of the shrub called slender deutzia (Deutzia gracilis) produces flowers that dangle on 3-inch recemes, while fuzzy deutzia (Deutzia scabra) grows flowers in upright panicles. Blossoms.

Deutzia (/ ˈ dj uː t s i ə / or / ˈ d ɔɪ t s i ə /) is a genus of about 60 species of flowering plants in the family Hydrangeaceae, native to eastern and central Asia (from the Himalayas east to Japan and the Philippines), and Central America and also Europe. By far the highest species diversity is in China, where 50 species occur Deutzia scabra, česky trojpuk drsný, je opadavý, kvetoucí keř. Řadíme ho do čeledi Hydrangeaceae - hortenziovité. Pochází z jihovýchodní Asie. Trojpuk drsný je vzpřímený a vysoký keř s obloukovitými větvemi dorůstajícími do výšky i 3 metry. Od června do července je doslova obsypaný hustými hvězdičkovitými. Noteworthy Characteristics. Deutzia scabra, commonly called fuzzy deutzia, is an upright, somewhat coarse, deciduous shrub that typically grows 6-10' tall with spreading to arching branches that form a rounded crown.It is native to Japan and China. Mature branching is clad with exfoliating brown bark. Tiny, fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers (to 3/4 long) appear in late spring in.

Deutzia scabra 'Candidissima' (d) deutzia 'Candidissima

Rostlina: Trojpuk drsný * Deutzia scabra THUNB. - keř listnatý opadavý, tvar vzpřímený, listy vstřícné, vejčité, okraj listu vroubkovaný Trojpuk drsný (Deutzia scabra) - sadovnicky zajímavé kultivary s bílými a narůžovělými květy Trojpuk něžný ( Deutzia gracilis ) - květy bílé Trojpuk skvělý ( Deutzia magnifica ) - bílé květ 1. Deutzia scabra Thunb. E. fuzzy pride-of-Rochester. Deutzia scabra Thunb. var. plena (Maxim.) Rhed. • CT, MA, RI, VT. Forest fragments, roadsides, areas of habitation. Some forms of this shrub that escape in New England have double corollas (the plena cultivar) The Deutzia Scabra in flourishing in buds and is not planted in the border so I am now looking forward to a mass of white blooms. Thank you for your website Kevin. Rosemary Boyd-Mercer 14th March 2018 @16.47pm. 28. Caeole says. April 3, 2018 at 7:11 am. I just got one from lidle £1.50 what a bargain. 29 That is, until reader Cary Bradley identified this Plantus unknownus as Deutzia scabra. Are you familiar with this old-fashioned beauty that blooms in dense shade? Why this Fuzzy Deutzia or Pride of Rochester is so rarely seen, I haven't a clue. For it accepts average soil, moderate water, and full sun or shade as you please

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  1. Fuzzy deutzia (Deutzia scabra) forms a larger upright, deciduous shrub with arching branches and white flowers. Joey Williamson, ©2019 HGIC, Clemson Extension Deutzia is a genus in the family Hydrangeaceae, but have far fewer problems of leaf spots or wilting during the heat of summer than do hydrangeas
  2. deutzia crenata. Native to Japan. Similar to Deutzia scabra but has white flowers. Foliage turns deep purple red in fall. Deutzia c. nakaiana, a dwarf form to only 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide, has double blossoms
  3. Mezi nejvzrůstnější patří trojpuk drsný - Deutzia scabra (syn. Deutzia crenata) , dosahuje v odrůdách 3 až 4 m, má tmavě zelené drsné a chlupaté listy a bohatě kvete v bílé nebo narůžovělé barvě v červnu až červenci. Z trojpuků nejlépe snáší sucho
  4. Deutzia Scabra The true D. scabra, which is from Japan, flowers about the middle of May, and is sometimes injured by late frosts. The shrub itself is a rather loose grower, while the flowers borne in spike-like clusters are each about half an inch across, and of snowy whiteness with yellow stamens
  5. Deutzia is an underused shrub that, in recent years, has finally begun to get the credit it deserves. With over 60 species in this genus, deutzia has a fair amount of diversity. New cultivars feature beautiful blooms, fall color, and even deer resistance. They have also scaled down some, allowing these versatile shrubs to be planted in even the smallest of gardens
  6. All deutzia should be pruned immediately after the flowers have finished - this will be early - mid - summer. If you prune them too late after flowering, then they will not have enough time to produce their new stems - which will be the flowering stems for the next year. In this particular shrub's case, when is as important as how!.
  7. Deutzia Deutzia. Species. D. scabra - D. scabra is an upright, deciduous shrub with arching branches, downy when young, peeling, pale brown bark, ovate, dark green leaves and dense panicles of fragrant, single, star-shaped, white or pink-flushed flowers in early to midsummer. Deutzia scabra is: Deciduous. Habit. Arching, Upright. Flowe

Deutzia scabra is a native of Japan and has been introduced to other Asian countries, Europe and North America. Well, that is what Wikipedia says. Most ornamental plants are much more widespread than we really know and back in the 1800's this shrub was likely fairly popular in some areas Click here to view our range of Deutzia: http://bit.ly/2UtOuxJ Jeff plants Deutzia into large pots in his shed and shares his tips and advice in this how-to.

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  1. Deutzia are a group of deciduous shrubs which are Asiatic in origin and allied to philadelphus. Although it is a generalisation not borne out by all the habits of individual species and cultivars, they are mainly smaller growing and easier to cope with in the garden than philadelphus
  2. Trojpuk drsný 'Plena' - Deutzia scabra 'Plena', Kontejner o objemu 10 litrů. kontejner, objem v litrech: 10 l velikost rostliny: velikost 20-30 cm Popis rostliny: Deutzia scabra, česky trojpuk drsný, je opadavý, kvetoucí keř pocházející z jihovýchodní Asie
  3. Deutzia - Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing. Prune these spring flowering shrubs soon after they have bloomed. Top prune the plant to improve the shape and reduce its size, but be careful not to remove more than 30% of the top growth. Some summer pruning can also be done on particularly vigorous plants, but not after mid-July
  4. Deutzia scabra 'Godsall Pink' can easily reach 6 to 8 feet high and has showy double pink blossoms that can stand up to early hot spells. Deutzia x kalmiifolia features light green foliage that turns dark purple in the fall and reaches 4 to 5 feet in height
  5. Deutzia scabra trojpuk drsný: Autor Pěnčík, Ondřej : Datum 4.8.2009: Lokalita Kořenec (okr. Blansko): pěstována na zahradě domu č. p. 70. Stá
  6. Deutzia scabra is a deciduous Shrub growing to 3 m (9ft) by 2 m (6ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5 and is not frost tender. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs). Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and prefers well-drained soil. Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils and can grow in very alkaline soils
  7. Deutzia scabra - Deucija U ponudi sadnice deucije visine 30-50cm Prelepi listopadni cvetni grm koji raste i do 2m visine. Fino se grana i širi i do 150cm. Listovi su karakteristično hrapavi na dodir a beli cvetovi se obrazuju u grupacijama gusto nanizani na granama. Često se koristi za ozelenjavanje parkova i slobodnih zelenih površina. Deucija je veoma efektna i dekorativna biljka.

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  1. Synonym Full Citation Basionym Type; Deutzia scabra var. typica : Deutzia scabra Thunberg, var. typica C. K. Schneider, Ill. Handb. Laubholzk. 1: 379. 1905, nom.
  2. Media in category Deutzia scabra The following 39 files are in this category, out of 39 total. 2018-06-01 (117) Deutzia scabra (fuzzy pride-of-Rochester) at Bichlhäusl in Frankenfels, Austria.jpg 4,000 × 3,000; 3.3 M
  3. Deutzia scabra Thunb. říše Plantae - rostliny » oddělení Magnoliophyta - rostliny krytosemenné » třída Rosopsida - vyšší dvouděložné rostliny » řád Cornales - dřínotvaré » čeleď Hydrangeaceae - hortenziovité » rod Deutzia - trojpu
  4. Deutzia scabra Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Join now. Listed in the RHS Plant Finder. Why are there no more details? This plant is listed in the RHS Plant Finder book. At present our information about this plant is limited to a list of the nurseries that supply it..
  5. Deutzia scabra,Trojpuk je keř dorůstající asi 2m výšky,kvete začátkem léta, výška 40-50 cm. cena 69,- k

Deutzia derives from a man's name. According to Ohio State University (OSU), that man was Johann van der Deutz, who was a patron of the botanist, Carl Peter Thunberg (1743-1828). Thunberg was a student of Carl Linnaeus, D. scabra 'Variegata' is taller (4-6 feet). Deutzia scabra Candidissima trojpuk drsný plnokvětý Bujně rostoucí opadavý trojpuk, Květy jsou čistě bílé, plné, polokulovité, kvetení bohaté, nenáročný keř Deutzia scabra Thunb. Synonyms: D. crenata Sieb. & Zucc. A deciduous shrub up to 10 ft high; branches erect, covered with brown peeling bark; young shoots glabrous or slightly rough. Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, the larger ones of the barren shoots rounded or heart-shaped at the base, slender-pointed, up to 4 in. long by nearly 2 in. wide. One of the most attractive of flowering shrubs, Deutzia scabra has graceful, arching branches and roughly textured, mid-green leaves that are hairy on both sides - hence the common name 'Fuzzy'. Being deciduous, the shrub will shed its leaves in late autumn through winter, although mature branches have interesting peeling brown bark Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Deutzia Species, Fuzzy Deutzia, Fuzzy Pride of Rochester (Deutzia scabra) supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at.

Deutzia scabra na HLEDEJCENY.cz. Přesvědčte se, že u nás najdete Deutzia scabra opravdu levně. Nejlevnější Deutzia scabra na HLEDEJCENY.cz už od 0 Kč Deutzia scabra var. candidissima (Froebel) Rehd. Angličtina Deutzia - hlavní jméno pro Deutzia scabra Thunb. Crenate Pride-of-rochester Fuzzy Deutzia Fuzzy Pride-of-rochester Čeština trojpuk drsný - hlavní jméno pro Deutzia scabra Thunb. Němčina Raue Deutzie. Bas van Elteren geeft tips hoe je het beste een Deutzia kunt snoeien. Meer informatie en Tuinvideo's op: http://www.tipsvoortuinieren.n Deutzia scabra Thunb. Common Names. fuzzy pride-of-Rochester. Common Name: Fuzzy Deutzia, Fuzzy Pride-of-Rochester. Family Name: Hydrangeaceae Species Code: DUSC Native Range: Japan NJ Status: Emerging Stage 1 - Rare (may be locally common). It is moderately threatening to native communities. Contents. 1 General Description

Rostlina: trojpuk drsný * Deutzia scabra THUNB. - keř listnatý opadavý, tvar vzpřímený, listy vstřícné, vejčité, okraj listu vroubkovaný Trojpuk drsný (latinsky Deutzia scabra). Zjistěte ihned, kde prodávají sazenice skladem i na e-shopu Deutzia scabra is a species of flowering plant in the hydrangea family (Hydrangeaceae) native to Japan and introduced to mainland east Asia, Europe, and North America. In its native Japan, it is found from the Kantō region, westward to the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku. Its natural habitat is along forest edges and rocky openings. It is tolerant of disturbance and can be found growing out of. Fuzzy Deutzia, or Pride of Rochester, is a hardy spring flowering shrub with fast growth and deep green leaves. The flowers are in bunches of frilly blooms which last for several weeks. It can be pruned into a tree shape or dense shrub depending on the garden, and because it is fast growing it can be pruned hard to rejuvenate an old plant Deciduous - broadly ovate dark green leaves to 8cm (3in) long. White. Height - 3m (10ft) Spread - 2m (6½ft) Tall Shrub - upright shrub with arching shoots and peeling, pale brown bark when mature. Hardy - cold winter - Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters

Deutzia scabra

Deutzia species such as D. gracilis and D. scabra are fairly easy to grow, tolerating a wide range of growing conditions. D. gracilis Nikko is commonly called the 'Slender Deutzia'. A medium shrub Deutzia x hybrida pink pompom produces dense heads of double pink flowers which then change to white, well worth a place in the garden Bujně rostoucí opadavý trojpuk, listy sytě zelené, široce vejčité, hrubé Květy jsou čistě bílé, zvonkovité, kvetení bohaté, nenáročný keř D. scabra - trojpuk drsný - Candidissima (bílé květy), Plena (bílorůžové květy), Pride of Rochester (bílém plnokvěté květy); D. gracilis - trojpuk něžný - od května do června kvete bílými květy; D. rosea - trujpuk růžový - bílé květy; Deutzia x hybrida - trojpuk křížený - nese tmavě zelené listy a květy, které se při kvetení otevírají do. Deutzia scabra Thunb. Common Name: pride-of-Rochester: Habitat: Cultivated as an ornamental and naturalizing. Somewhat local in distribution but apparently becoming more widespread and abundant. Usually not very aggressive. Forests, forests edges, thickets, railroad edges, and edges of paths

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Deutzia scabra 'Plena' (Deutzia 'Plena') will reach a height of 3.5m and a spread of 3m after 5-10 years. Suggested uses. Banks and Slopes, Drought Tolerant, Beds and borders, Low Maintenance. Cultivation. Prefers moist, fertile, free-draining soil in full sun Plant: Deutzia * Deutzia scabra THUNB. - deciduous shrub, erect form, opposite leaves, ovate, leaf margin sinuate, type of inflorescence - panicle, frui

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Popis: Deutzia scabra Deutzia scabra je krásný keř,kvete bíle. Všechny nabídky pro Deutzia scabra. Tento produkt nebyl v tuto chvíli nalezen v žádném z e-shopů Deutzia scabra Taxonomy ID: 984478 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid984478) current nam Nježna dojcija (Deutzia gracilis Siebold & Zucc.) je listopadni grm iz porodice (Hydrangeaceae). Naraste do 1,5 m visine. Naraste do 1,5 m visine. Grane su smeđe, gole, tanke i duge, dobro razgranate, tvore široku i gustu krošnju

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Deutzia scabra 'Plena' produces clusters of brilliant double white flowers that are a joy to any summer garden display. Each flower has subtle pink bruising on the outer petals which complements the yellow tipped anthers. Each cluster perches on strong arched branches accompanied by deciduous dark green leaves, creating a mesmerizing effect Ideal for small gardens, Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko' is considered one of the best Deutzia cultivars thanks to its great horticultural merits. This dwarf, dense, rounded, flowering shrub features gracefully arching branches that get covered with abundant clusters of tiny brilliant white flowers in late spring to early summer for 10-14 days. Forming a ground-covering spreading mound, its fine. Původ: Odrůda vyšlechtěná v 19. stol., původní druh roste v Asii - Japonsko, Korea a východní Čína, nejčastěji jako lesní podrost nebo součást horských křovin. Vzhled: Bujně rostoucí keř. Listy úzce vejčité, drsné se zahnutým pilovitým okrajem, vstřícné a opadavé. Květy jsou bílé, plné, v průměru 15 - 25 mm, Květenství jsou dlouhá a nesou 15 až 30 květů

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Slender DeutziaDeutzia crenata - Wikimedia CommonsDeutzia : planter et tailler – OorekaDEUTZIA scabra PRIDE OF ROCHESTER (Deutzia)arbustosensevilla-encinarosa: Celinda de espigas / DeutziaMaiblumen-Strauch / Gefüllter Sternchenstrauch / Deutzia
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